Lace wig buying guide

How To Choose A Lace Wig

Buying a wig can be no easy task. After all, there are so many to choose from, and so many price points, it can be difficult to figure out which one is best for you. Not only that, but once you do buy a wig, you may end up regretting the choice you make, because of the low quality and the extortionate price you bought it for. Don’t worry. Here are a few tips to think about when choosing a lace wig.

What Are You Using The Wig For?

First and foremost, you need to know what you want to use the wig for? Some use wigs because their own hair isn’t voluminous enough for the hairstyles they want. Others use wigs to feel better, like after a cancer treatment. No matter what it is, you need to know what you want the wig for. Not only that, you need to know how you’re going to style your wig.

Some lace wigs are better for complicated and tight hairstyles, like space buns and pigtails, while others are only good for low and high ponytails. So, when you choose a lace wig, you need to know what kind of hairstyles you want to use it for.

Choose The Right Lace Type

Following on from the first point, you need to choose the right lace type. What this means is that there are several variations of lace wigs. There are full lace wigs, frontal lace wigs, 360 lace and even lace closure wigs. It’s the difference between all of these types that determine what hairstyles you can use with the wigs.

For example, a full lace wig can handle any style, from low ponytails to space buns and even high pigtails and braids, while a lace closure wig, or a frontal lace wig can only handle a low ponytail. So, before buying the wig, you need to know the type of hairstyles each lace type can handle. If you’re unsure, don’t worry, we have a guide that can help you understand the difference between lace types.

Choose The Right Hair Type

One of the most important, and probably the trickiest, part of choosing a wig is the hair type. If you shop on Amazon, you’ll find all different types of wigs; some with synthetic hair, others with animal hair, and even those with human hair. For the most part, you’ll come across those with synthetic hair, since they’re the cheapest to make, but for those made with real human hair, you could be looking at specialist stores, like us at H&A Hair.

If you choose to go for a synthetic wig, you might find yourself throwing it out after a few months, since synthetic hair doesn’t last long. Not only that, but you can’t really style synthetic wigs, unless they are made with a “heat friendly” design, and if you want to change colour it’d be nearly impossible, as synthetic strands can’t be dyed again.

However, you can style and change the colour of human hair wigs, and they last much longer than a synthetic wig. The only downside to choosing human hair wigs is the fact that they may react to the weather. After all, the hair in them is harvested from humans, so they will naturally react to humidity in different ways. They may end up being frizzy or limp. So, choose the right hair type, for you, and your style. If you’re happy to simply wear the wig, without too much styling, then go for a synthetic wig, but if you want to be able to create different hairstyles, and style the wig the way you want, then use a human hair wig.

How Often Will You Wear The Wig?

One of the major things you need to think about when choosing your lace wig is the amount of care and style, you’ll give your wig. If you’re going to be wearing your wig every day, you need to make sure you can take care of it, when you’re not using it. That means, washing it and drying it gently, so it doesn’t lose its shine and it doesn’t look so worn out. So, you may want to think about buying more than one, to rotate their use, so they can last longer.

Taking care of a wig can be a time-consuming task, but if you follow instructions carefully, and you remember to keep up the routine, you can be sure your wigs can last up to 3 years, sometimes even more, if you’re delicate enough with them.

Choose H&A Hair

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Taking care of a wig can be a time-consuming task, but if you follow instructions carefully, and you remember to keep up the routine, you can be sure your wigs can last up to 3 years, sometimes even more, if you’re delicate enough with them.


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