360 lace wigs: best real human hair wigs for black women for sale

Best Human Hair With Best Price

360 lace wigs: best real human hair wigs for sale

360 lace wigs: best real human hair wigs for black women for sale

Best Human Hair With Best Price

360 lace wigs: best real human hair wigs for sale

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Human Hair 360 Lace Wigs

If you’ve looked around the Internet for wigs, it’s very likely that you’ve come across the 360-lace wig before. But what is the 360-lace wig? How is it different from a full lace wig, or even a lace frontal wig? Don’t panic! We have you covered. We’ll tell you everything you need to know about the 360-lace wig. Not only that, but we’ll get into the difference between a 360-lace wig and a full lace wig, and why this difference matters. We’ll also show you how to wear this wig, and what you can do with it too!

If you’re not yet familiar with the different types of wigs and wig caps out there, the 360-Lace wig is exactly what it says it is. It’s a wig that has lace material on the hem of the wig cap, which covers the entire perimeter of the wig cap. Essentially, this lace material is meant to outline your own hairline, even at the back of your head. So, it mimics natural hair.

Usually a 360-lace wig is made using a fabric wig cap, which should be breathable, for your scalp and natural hair, and a patch of lace that extends beyond the perimeter of the wig cap. After both the lace and the wig cap are sewn together, usually with a machine, the hair, which is usually virgin human hair, is then knotted into the holes of the lace by hand. This gives the wig a more natural look, especially when it comes to the parting of the hair. Not only that but the lace itself is either made of Swiss silk or soft fabric, to essentially mimic your scalp.

One of the most popular uses of a 360-lace wig is the high ponytail. Sometimes, just leaving your wig down, to cascade around your shoulders isn’t practical, or even desired. In fact, many people wear wigs, so they can change up their own hairstyles, whether it’s by creating intricate braids and updos, or putting it up in a simple ponytail. For this purpose, the 360-lace wig is one of the best wigs to have, if you want to achieve these unique and difficult looks.

The fact that the lace itself covers your entire hairline, means that if you’re putting your hair up in a ponytail, or intricate braids, you won’t have to worry about people noticing the back of your head. The lace of the wig hides the wig cap, and with the hand plucked baby hairs, which are usually added to a wig, no one would notice that you’re wearing a wig. After all, baby hairs add authenticity to your wig, since it mimics real hair.

If you’ve had some experience with wigs before, then you might want to level up to a 360-lace wig. After all, it is recommended that beginners start out with lace front wigs, or lace closure wigs, to start them out on their wig journey. But there isn’t too much you can do with these wigs. You can put them up in a high ponytail or do more intricate and tight hairstyles. So, by upgrading to a 360-lace wig, you’ll be able to do a lot more than a simple low ponytail, or a loose braid. Essentially, a 360-lace wig is more versatile than a front lace wig or a lace closure wig.

The only major difference between a full lace wig and a 360-lace wig is that the 360-lace wig has a small fabric wig cap attached to the middle part of the wig. So, it’ll sit nicely on your head and will allow your scalp to breathe. Not only that but a 360-lace wig is much easier to put on than a full lace wig. While, for the most part, you will need to be gentle with all the wigs you wear, it’s especially important when wearing a full lace wig. You need to make sure you don’t tear the lace, otherwise, you could ruin the entire wig itself.

A 360-lace wig doesn’t need as much care, thanks to its fabric wig cap. So, you won’t stress as much over the application of the wig. All you really need to do, when you do wear a 360-lace wig is to know how much lace you need to cut off, once you’ve applied it to your head. That’s why it’s a better choice for beginners to upgrade to, once they’ve got the hang of wearing front lace wigs and lace closure wigs.

If you’re looking for a good wig to upgrade to, now that you’ve got the hang of front lace and lace closure wigs, try the 360-lace wig next. It’s a little more difficult to put on, but the results are infinitely better than wearing a front lace or lace closure wig. And if you’re still not convinced, here are a few pros of wearing a 360-lace wig.

  • A Natural Look: While front lace and lace closure wigs offer a natural look, they can only offer it to an extent. Mostly, you’d need to wear the hair down, and part the wig in the middle to achieve this look, but with 360-lace wigs, you won’t have to worry about it. Baby hairs on the wig will give it a more natural look, and make the hairline seem like it’s your natural hair line.
  • More Hairstyle Options: If you’re the type of person who likes to experiment with intricate and unique hairstyles, you can do all of that with a 360-lace wig. Wear your hair in a warrior princess style, or put it up in pigtails, or create a fairy creature look with this wig. The options are endless.
  • An Affordable Price: Of course, lace front and lace closure wigs are much more affordable, the 360-lace wig is still cost effective and worth its value. After all, while a full lace wig can offer more options, it’s more difficult to apply to your head, and it’s more expensive. However, you can still get the same, if not a similar effect with a 360-lace wig, and it won’t break your bank!


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