Wig length chart in inches: 10,12,14,16,18,20,22,24,26,28,30 inch wig

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In today’s article, we will share  a wig length chart with you, helping you understand different lengths of wigs. For straight hair: 10 inch wig is chin length, 12 inch wig is shoulder length, 14 inch wig is upper back length, 16 inch wig is bra strap length, 18 inch wig is shoulder blades length, 20 inch wig22 inch wig is mid back length, 24 inch wig26 inch wig is lower back length, 28 inch wig is waist length, 30 inch wig is a little bit longer than 28 inch. For wavy hair, visually 2 inches shorter than the same length straight hair. For curly hair, visually 2 inches shorter than the same length wavy hair.

Another important thing  is that wig merchants measure the actual length rather than the visual length when measuring the length of the wig. See the picture below for the correct measurement method.

how to measure hair length, how to measure wig length


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