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Wig density guide: 130% vs 150% vs 180% vs 200% density wigs

First of all, you need to know a very important thing. There is no uniform industry standard for the indicator of Wig density, and the standards of Wig density for different wig manufacturers are different. This means that even if you buy wigs of the same density, there may still be differences (hair fullness, weight, etc.) between wigs purchased from different vendors.

Does that mean that the indicator of wig density is meaningless? No, you can’t expect to get accurate parameter values such as weight and fullness of wig from the indicator of wig density, but the meanings represented by different densities can assist you in making basic purchase decisions.

What is 130% density wigs?

130% density represents normal density, and the fullness of wigs at this density is similar to the density of hair that grows naturally from normal people. If you want natural-looking wigs, consider buying wigs in this density. But since there is no uniform standard, the 130% density wigs from some merchants may be too thin, so you’d better consider buying wigs with 150% density.

What is 150% density wigs?

150% density wigs are wigs that look about 15% fuller than 130% density wigs. Wigs with this density give people a just-right feeling visually. Neither too thin nor too full. And the prices for 150% density wigs are more affordable than higher density, it is so cost-effective ! For most people, we recommend buying wigs with 150% density.

What is 180% density wigs?

The definition of 180% density is that it is about 40% fuller than the hair that grows naturally from normal people. The hair of this density visually makes people know that this is a wig instead of natural hair. But if you prefer a fuller style, try this density wigs too. After all, natural style does not mean the best style, some people feel that it looks very thick hair.

What is 200% density wigs?

200% density wig looks super thick, nearly twice the natural density of normal human hair. Therefore, unless you have a persistent pursuit of thick hair, it is not recommended that you buy 200% density wigs.

Let us sum it up for you. In general, we recommend that you choose to purchase 150% density wigs. But if you prefer super full looking, you can go to higher density!


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