Hair textures guide: loose deep, deep wave, body wave, kinky straight, water wave, loose wave, curly

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Today I will explain to you the characteristics of various common hair textures. When you understand their respective characteristics, you will understand what is the difference between these different textures. Hope it will help you.

Deep wave vs loose deep VS body wave hair texture

Deep wave presents a tight undulating structure, and it is the tightest of all wave structures. All strands of hair extend in the same direction and with similar regularity. So it gives a very tidy feeling. The loose deep wave and the deep wave have a similar undulating structure, but the wave spacing formed by loose deep is wider, so we can say that the loose wave is equal to the “looser” deep wave. We can use the same logic to look at the body wave. The body wave is the same as the deep wave and loose deep. It is a wavy structure, but the wave spacing of the body wave is super wide, forming a large S-shaped structure visually.

Deep wave vs loose deep VS body wave hair texture​

Loose wave vs body wave

The texture of loose wave and body wave is very close, except that the hair strands of loose wave will spin and twist together (like a single helix DND structure), while body wave will not. So we can say that the loose wave is a “curly” body wave.

loose wave vs body wave

Kinky straight vs yaki straight

Kinky straight looks very similar to a non relaxed blowout, yaki straight is going to give you more of a relax, more of a silk press kind of feel.

Kinky curly vs curly

Curly hair is simply a spiral or wave while kinky hair has a torsion twist (which can be felt as a permanent crimp) where the hair strand turns around itself (see the diagram). learn more about the difference here: difference between curly and kinky 

kinky vs curly

Water wave

Water wave is the most unique, because compared to other textures, water wave has no rules at all. Most of other textures rotate in the same direction or fluctuate in a similar pattern, while water waves are composed of many small groups of hairs with ripples in different directions. Their irregular characteristics make you recognize it as water waves at a glance.

water wave

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