Brazilian hair vs Peruvian hair vs Malaysian hair vs Indian Hair

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If you search for what is the difference between Brazilian, Peruvian, Malaysian And Indian hair on the Internet, you will find a large number of similar articles. They list the advantages of hair from various origins, and after introducing the advantages of different hair origins, they attach links to the same origin hair products they are selling. Have you ever thought about why the bloggers of those businesses write articles in this way? Please continue reading this article and you will understand that those articles are total bullshit.

The truth about Brazilian, Peruvian, Malaysian and Indian hair.

We need to tell you the truth, there is no difference between Brazilian,Peruvian,Malaysian And Indian Hair. Maybe you will say that you are crazy, how can there be no difference in the hair of people from different countries? Indeed, there are subtle differences in hair from different countries, but there is no difference in the hair industry. It is just a marketing gimmick fabricated by the merchants. Because you can’t get a hair product made entirely of hair that from only one origin! The classification of Brazilian, Peruvian, Malaysian And Indian Hair is the biggest lie of some merchants.

Real human hair production process

Let’s see how hair factories produce their products, all hair factories in the market will have similar manufacturing processes, they purchase raw materials in packs (hair from different national origins is mixed together in the whole packs.), and then factories will use these raw materials to make various types of products, such as wigs, hair weave bundles, lace frontal, lace closure, etc. No one can be sure that all these hairs come from a certain country origin. Some hair vendors may promote themselves as single donors & single country source, but that is not the truth. Single origin is impossible to appear in human hair mass production.

I think you understand why many merchants attach the purchase link corresponding to the origin after introducing each hair origins advantages on the blog, because they sell the same kind of hair from the beginning to the end, there is no difference, so they can provide you all hair origins.

What should you really be focusing on when choosing a hair?

Now that you understand that the classification of Brazilian, Peruvian, Malaysian And Indian Hair is a big lie, what attributes should you focus on to judge the quality of human hair? The answer is, you need to know whether the product you are buying is virgin hair, remy hair or non-remy hair. The cuticles of remy hair are aligned in one direction, the cuticles of non-remy are all misaligned, causing the hair to easily tangle. And Virgin Hair refers to hair that is completely unprocessed, and intact, The cuticles of virgin hair are also aligned in one direction, it can be called as the “top quality remy hair”. So the best hair is Virgin Hair, and then the remy hair, don’t purchase a non-remy hair if you don’t want your hair easily tangle. Learn more here: Virgin Hair Vs Remy Hair Vs Non-Remy Hair

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